I do solo percussion performances on many different stick and hand drums. My favorite's are vibraphone, steel drum and marimba.  I also love to play tambourine and other shakers. My favorite type of playing is improvisational. I also can sing songs as I play. 

I also play with other percussionists. I coordinate drum circles. Improvisational dancers are often present.

I also love playing percussion with singers. My art is letting the singer be free to do their tune while I blend percussion. I view a voice as another percussion instrument and play harmony with that voice instrument. Styles include improvisational, jazz, folk, rock and roll, reggae and country. 

My favorite is an improvisational band.... So if you're an improvisational musician, singer and/or dancer, we can put a band together when I'm in your area.

A reminder to all percussionists --- Remember that listening at a drum circle, or when in a band, is just as important as playing. When every player totally listens to every other player, it's beyond words to describe the joy and healing that come out. This harmony also allows audiences to enjoy more.​​

It's a joy of mine to play percussion sounds off as many players as possible. It's a fun challenge that makes me better. 

                                   PERCUSSION FEE--- BARTER OR NEGOTIABLE PRICE
                                                        Email -- jv3free@gmail.com