I evaluate perspective student's to guide them to their teacher
     For those that already know they have innate talent; simply find a teacher that likes this teaching method and make some wonderful sounds. The world needs it. There are teachers like this all over the world. 

     I do this evaluation work for free........ My belief is to do some of my talents for free in service for others. 

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I start by showing the student some basic rhythms. Sometimes conversation helps when student attempts these rhythms. The conversation starts with 2 questions.

1) What does the student consider percussion to be?

2) Why does the student want to play a particular instrument?

      No matter what a student's expertise, there is a way for them to enjoy drumming immediately. At the most basic level, many people can count to 4 continuously in the same rhythm.  So to start, I tell them to tap the drum only when they say 1. This could allow them to have fun at their first drum circle. The good drummers in the circle will consider the basic tapping as a metronome that they can play off of. The good drumming will inspire and be enjoyable for the beginner.. 

     So from doing this basic tapping, some students will want to take lessons to learn the style of music they wish to learn. From teachers who start with the basics and teach the advanced beats. . 

       At the other extreme, there are students that have an immediate, incredible, easy  time with advanced basic rhythms the first time they try. . So in learning specific advanced beats , I have seen students learn easier and with more enjoyment than " mainstream " percussion schools. 

       The easier method is----the student chooses a style and brings to the first lesson a recording of their favorite song or rhythm that they want to add percussion to. A teacher of that particular style immediately starts some advanced rhythms. I've repeatedly seen that many students can follow the teacher really well within minutes.This happens because of three reasons. (1) the student's innate ability, (2) the student's chosen music obviously inspires them and (3) the teacher's brilliance inspires them. 

     Of course, only the greatest of the student's remember what they did the next day when their music isn't playing and the teacher is gone. With enough lessons, all the students advance to some degree.                                                                                 ,