Sports from a Holistic Perspective
     A sports game can be played differently  than  is played in professional, college or high school sports. . It is another approach  to encourage children to participate in the healthy, aerobic enjoyment of sports. 

     Competition can be in harmony with dignity and humor....and competition reveals far more than just winning or losing the sport game or who the star is. For instance, each child will react to a game situation in a certain way. There is a strong possibility they will react the same way in other competitive circumstances in life. This is helpful for kids who do things together daily or weekly. It is helpful in creating, building and sustaining their artful livelihood. All this learning while they get a healthy aerobic workout. 

    Obviously, winning a sport game should be the objective to make player's put forth their best effort.  However, these athletes know, in simplicity, that to have a winner in a sport game, there will be a loser. With acceptance of certain realities of life, the losing team still has as much fun as the wining team. Some kids just want to be kids that have fun playing a competitive sports game with their friends 

   Also, I still see many athletes needing to do better pre game warm ups so to stay healthier during the game. They need to see that pre game warm ups can be an Art and Joy in itself. For instance, "dance"  can be a spontaneous warm up. All our muscles were made to be used. So we all can move the muscles to the music of our choice. We can feel our chosen music in our "particular" way and "dance" to it in our particular way. It's a fun way to warm up before participating in a sporting event.

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